Saturday, October 4, 2008


This is our new cat Fred.

I love Fred he is a great little cat. He is quite loving & playful. You can be playing with him & pick him up & he will instantly become submissive. My favorite thing about him though is he sleeps with his tounge out.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Here is something that will make you smile. Yesterday during Jacob's soccer practice they decided to scrimmage. The goalies wanted to play on the field, so the coaches (there are 3 of us.) decided that since the one lady coach was showing the boys footwork on the Field that I would have to be one of the coaches in goal. Yes I laughed at that also & promptly told them I didn't have an athletic bone in my body. Nope they still wanted me to try.
So at the half line the female coach said "Okay, guys she has never played soccer, so don't kill her!" They started playing. Jacob got a break away with only one player defending against him. (He is on the team opposite me.) So what does my son do? He kicks the ball from the right hand side off the field straight at the goal & kicks the ball straight into my face, snaps my head back, but I did catch the ball. I made the save. You could hear every boy on the field make a audible intake of breath when it hit my face & one of the boys said "Jacob you are so dead!" I told them "No, How many times do you get the chance to kick a ball into your mom's face & not get in trouble? He's fine."
I did get told by the female coach & various players, "Nice save/catch!" & one kid said "Wow you didn't cry!" I did however have a headache by the end of the night & my shoulders hurt today. But I Caught The Ball & went up in all the boys opinions. I made two more saves during the scrimmage also.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

My husband not the fix it man!

My entertainment for the weekend... My 3 year old can't open the back screen sliding door, so over time he created his own handle... a large hole in the screen. Which has grown over time. My cats thought this was the best idea ever... now they have a mini door. Andrew then thought that was an even better idea, so now we have a screen that is undone all the way around the bottom half of the door. So yes Saturday is the day we will be fixing this. (My brother Dan volunteered to do this) So while at Lowe's I got my husband to buy the supplies to do this & replace the frames for our front windows, what do we need to hang the microwave in the kitchen, Oh and can we buy the faucet to replace the one in the bathroom that constantly drips. Yes I got my tight husband to buy all of this. So home we go...
Now I am going to be the over achiever that I am & sort though the all the kids clothes to make room for the new summer clothes we bought & I decide to get the girls to clean their room
at the same tim they are making repairs. Yes I am an idiot for trying to do this all at once.
So Daniel is fixing the back screen door & what does my husband decide he can do all on his own. Yep! Dang it when will he ever learn!!! So he takes it out without shattering the bowl. (Unlike when he did the toilet.) As trying to replace the plumbing pipes underneath he realizes the water isn't completly turned off. Their is still a constant small flow even though he turned the water off under the sink. Can I tell you how funny it was watching my brother & husband run around the house trying to find the main water turn off. I think Donald forgot... & he wasn't asking me. (I didn't know waht they were looking for at first.) So they got it turned of & They figured out that yes once again that guy who lived here before us did a half butt job with the pipes. So off we run to Lowe's again. So yes we have the pipes fixed underneath. Daniel finished the project. It is just funny when your brother is stuck half up under your bathroom cabinet & your husband is trying his hardest to watch & learn what he is doing untill 12 p.m. Thank goodness for little brothers.
Maybe I will get front window screens & a hung microwve sometime this week. Oh & my kids all have very clean drwers & the girls room is clean.
Yes I have been horrable about postting. I will try to do better now.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Why didn't we get a foot?

My girls wanted to know why we didn't get a foot of snow. Five to six inches just isn't enough to build a fort. Smantha's great statement for the day..."Mom the weather man doesn't know what he's talking about!" Having all my kids home today was so much fun minus the multiple fights they had today. Everyone still has this bug we have had & getting over it isn't easy. Poor Andrew is the tissue king right now & he is so whiney. All he wants to do is follow me around all day. The poor guy got ran over twice today by his siblings. He tends to not move out of the way fast enough when his brother & sisters are chassing each other around the house. Snow days what a joy!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Kids are wonderful...aren't they?

So at 9 a.m. today I received a call from the kids school. Laura has trown up & you need to come get her because once they throw up theyy can't go back to class... So I being the oh so trusting mom say "Did anyone actually see her throw up?" No,but it is a rule that you have to come get her. Great! Half-day & I have to go get her & then turn around and come right back to get my other kids... Luckily they just pulled all my kids & I took them out a little early.

May I say it is scary when your 7 year old has the system figured out. Why oh why can't I have a dumb child...Paybacks stink! A little while later we are getting ready to have lunch & Her older brother is telling Laura that she can't have Macaroni & cheese, because she was sick & what did I here her say..."I didn't really throw up, I just didn't want to be in school anymore."

"Laura Allison to your room for lying & you will be having a talk with us later." Smart little crud. Donald told me I could be the nice parent this time & he would yell at her. Which is nice, but I don't feel like being a nice parent! I feel like bopping her on the head, dang it! Not always sure what to do with her... Which reminds me I will have to call my mom so she can laugh at this.